Engineer Mr. Ehsanul Haq is Mechanical Engineer of senior professional standing with extensive experience of Machinery and Lubricants started as consultant of Engineering Lubrication in 1993 to source Technically certified and performance based Lubricants as corresponding alternative to overprice OEM specified Lubricants. With dedicated work and focused on specialty lubrication, CAE established its reputable standing as Specialised Lubricants. CAE now represent world class reputed Lubricants and allied products manufacturers committed to serve its customers with Performance Based, Cost Effective, Quality Certified, genuine imported products with Ex-work availability. We earned our strenghth from the number of major industrial plants awarding to the status of preferred vendor and supplier.

Food & Beverages

Consistent lubrication is vital to the life of bearings, gears and chains. Like any mechanical system, moving parts in a food and beverage plant need proper lubrication to function optimally. Contamination, moisture, high temperatures and humidity are all threats to bearing, chain and gear service life. 

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Poultry & Meat Processing

Poultry processing involves harsh daily sanitation regimes, fluctuating temperatures, high levels of moisture and humidity, and omnipresent contaminants, such as feathers. All this is notoriously hard on lubricants, resulting in frequent bearing and chain replacements due to rust, stretch, or breakdowns. These costs add up quickly and, when compounded with labour and downtime, negatively impact a company’s profits.

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We provide a full range of specialties and general maintenance lubricants for all the textile production. Thanks to our strong partnerships with the reputable Lubricant Manufacturers we provide Lubricants of the most updated and cutting-edge technologies to our customers. Textile lubricants must support the efficient and precise working of multitude of moving parts involving bearings and sliding elements, drive and control chains and complex gear mechanisms.


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Pet Preform Bottle & Other Parts

Ultra Purge™ products are highly efficient purging compounds developed to match with the materials, machines, and operating ranges of plastics processors producing a wide range of end products. In partnership with major plastic resin, colorant, and machinery producers around the world, we continually evolve our products to create the most effective purging compounds available to meet the unique needs of each customer.

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Water Scale Treatment

RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler is used to safely and efficiently dissolve tough mineral deposits such as water scale, limescale, calcium, and rust from boilers, chillers, cooling towers, condensers, heat exchangers, struvite, and more!

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Corrugating Industry

In the pulp, paper industry, efficiency is key to being competitive. Whether you're producing fine papers or corrugated boxboard; your equipment has to run continuously and efficiently. Otherwise, you're losing time and money.

Working with major Lubricant Manufacturers our products perform at operating speeds over 2,000 m/min in high temperatures and in caustic washes.

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Over the past few years, there has been an increasing interest in the use of food-grade lubricants for machines operating in the pharmaceutical industry. While these lubricants can be beneficial, several other factors must be considered.

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The automatic single-point dispenser simalube can be used in various industries and applications. Thanks to its different sizes, the wide range of accessories and the many different possible lubricants to be used, it can respond to individual customer needs.


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