In the pulp, paper industry, efficiency is key to being competitive. Whether you're producing fine papers or corrugated boxboard; your equipment has to run continuously and efficiently. Otherwise, you're losing time and money.

Working with major Lubricant Manufacturers our products perform at operating speeds over 2,000 m/min in high temperatures and in caustic washes.

We are true problem solvers. We sell Premium synthetic and mineral oils and greases for diverse applications in corrugated equipment.

We have also expanded our long-standing experience in the pulp and paper industry into the corrugated packaging sector. And we have developed dedicated solutions to meet the needs of this demanding industry.

Among our wide range of synthetic and mineral gear lubricants, high performance greases, delivers superior protection for corrugated rollers operating at temperatures up to 240˚C and in the presence of moisture. In addition, these are also NSF H1 registered for accidental food contact, completing our lubrication solutions offer for food related sectors.

We back our lubricants to help you minimize equipment downtime and reduce operating expenses.

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